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7 Features to Consider When Buying Luxury Baby Strollers

Are you looking for a nice baby stroller to buy in Malaysia? Since you have plenty of options, you need to make sure that you are picking the most appropriate one for your little one. Here are some features you need to consider when it comes to buying luxury baby strollers.


A baby stroller is not just created to carry a child, but also to carry some personal items like baby diapers. Make sure to get one with pockets and storage basket so you can also bring with you other essentials, from your own mobile phone to baby toys.

2.Safety harnesses

Your luxury baby stroller should have a sturdy seatbelt. Since you are moving from one place to another with your little one, you need to make sure that he is safe. The safest strollers have 5-point harnesses that can prevent a baby from slipping.


A brake is an important baby stroller feature. The breaks must be easy to disengage and engage, and must be placed far from baby’s reach for utmost safety.

4.Reclining seat

Always check the reclining feature of each luxury baby stroller you are planning to buy. This feature would enable the child to sleep without any problem, when in an almost flat position. Reclining the seat must be hassle free.

5.Tire type

Not all baby stroller tires are great on any kind of terrain Air-filled rubber tires are the best ones on any type of terrain, as long as they are not flat. Beware of those plastic ones–these will not perform properly off pavement.


At times, you would need to carry your baby’s stroller. This is the reason why you must pick one that is lightweight, and as much as possible, you can carry with a single hand.


Some baby strollers can be folded in two easy steps, while others are longer and harder to fold. If you want to make your life easier, consider luxury strollers which are quick and easy to fold.

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