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6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2020

WordPress is definitely one of the best content management systems out there. People
who want to start building their own websites can certainly use the platform as it
provides them with an easy interface to make everything so much simpler.
It is also partnered with BlueHost so that you can easily have your website hosted
without any problems.
One of the reasons why WordPress is loved by many is that you can customize your
website and include further functionality by using plugins.
Plugins can effectively add new features that can help improve your website- no matter
what you intend to do with it.
If you are running a business website, read further to find out the most useful plugins
that will help you run your webpage with ease.

Yoast SEO

SEO is always important for any website because it helps you rank higher when people
search for your website in Google or other search engines.
Yoast SEO is definitely a must-have for any website because it provides SEO-friendly
features for every website owner out there.
It helps you generate sitemaps, add meta tags, find broken links and fix it using its
redirect functionality, optimize your website for social media, among many other
Seriously, after establishing your website, install this plugin first and foremost!


Since you are running a business website, you also want to get feedback from your
customers which is why you need a plugin that can help you create a survey and other
similar things.
That is where WPForms come in. This WordPress plugin allows you to create many
different types of forms within minutes.
You can create surveys, login forms, payment forms, online order forms, and so much
more. Although you can use the free version without any problems, upgrading to the pro
version unlocks way more features.

Monster Insights

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to look at your website’s analytics to find out
how you can improve your success.
Although you can use Google Analytics to do just that, you might have a hard time
integrating your website to the said feature. That is why you need to install
This plugin integrates your business website seamlessly to Google Analytics so that you
can unlock its full potential. It has a nice interface and every feature that you could
possibly need is laid out really well.
You can use this plugin for free, but I highly recommend that you buy the pro version so
that you can grasp all of the things that it offers.


Page loading speed is one of the ranking factors set by Google that every website
owner must follow. Your website should load within 3 seconds, otherwise, you’re going
to run the risk of having high bounce rates.
That being said, you need to enable the caching feature of your website. But, doing that
will require you to dig to the deepest settings and not a lot of people know that.
This is where WPRocket comes in. This is a caching plugin that basically does all of the
caching requirements for you. The only downside to this amazing program is that you
have to pay for it, else, it is a true must-have.

G Suite

This is basically a plugin that allows you to use Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Email, and
other Google goodies. This is a must-have simply because a lot of people are using
such services anyway.


The last plugin for this article is certainly no slouch. Keywords are an important part of
your website’s SEO and SEMRush just makes it easy for you to track important
keyword metrics.
This means that you can do keyword research, analyze competitor data, and so much
more with the use of this all-in-one SEO plugin.

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Steps to be a Responsible Gambler

Many people at some point in their lives play one type of casino game or another. Most gamblers can do this without any concerns, but some of them have gambling problems.

Luckily, gamblers in the best online casino in Malaysia can use techniques to help keep them safe from gambling issues. If you are playing, take a look at the following tips; they will help you learn more about how gambling can be done without putting yourself at risk for gambling problems.

  • Play for fun and pleasure, not as a way of making money.
  • Set a limit on how much time and money you will waste on gambling. (Money for basic living costs, such as food, housing, etc.) It’s crucial not to change the cap while you’re playing.
  • Don’t take your credit or bank cards with you when you’re playing. Leave at home some extra cash.
  • Don’t borrow from family, friends or others if you run out of money so you can keep playing.
  • Only take the amount of money you’re willing to spend and have a clear plan for what you’re going to do if you’re spending all that money earlier than expected.
  • Just how much you enjoy playing on the games every hour. While sometimes you win, you also lose, so knowing the average cost per hour is crucial. Use our Game Cost Calculators to measure your own cost of game.
  • Understand the gaming risks and benefitsAnd be mindful of your own gambling motives. It is up to you alone to reconcile these risks and benefits.
  • Remember that gambling can be enjoyable, but it’s not a way to solve problems.
  • Gambling overlap with other recreational activities. Gambling in your free time shouldn’t be the only thing you’re doing.

If you’re playing regularly, keeping track of the money you’re spending on the activity is a good idea. Print the One Month At-A-Glance Log Sheet, which will help you keep a realistic record of your spending on gambling. Remember to put a pre-set amount on the first line (the number you’re planning to spend on the day). You can then equate the number to the amount you actually spent at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that for some people, despite all the above responsible gambling tips, any gambling may jeopardize them. The only healthy gambling for these people may not be gambling at all.

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6 Room Design Tricks Interior Designers Will Never Tell You (for Free)

When it comes to a Home Makeover, interior designers really know what they’re doing;
provided that they’ve already talked to the homeowners and find out what their likes and
dislikes are when it comes to the design of their humble abodes.

That being said, there are some universal design tricks that interior designers use that
they rarely give to their clients (for free). So in this article, I will share some of the trade
secrets to you so that you can use them in your next home renovation project.

Never Hang Artwork Too High

A lot of people actually hang their artworks way too high. I think that is probably
because of the fact that they see paintings and other art pieces in movies and TV series
to be hung up way too high.

Well, a good way to showcase your artwork is for you to just place them at eye level.
This is so that your guests can see them immediately and would allow them to
appreciate what you’ve put up.

How about spacing, especially if you have more than two art pieces? Well, the spacing
should be just a couple of inches away from each other. So, if you have three similarly-
sized paintings, perhaps 6 inches apart would be enough.

Rearrange the Books

If you have bookshelves with actual books, then you can arrange them horizontally and
vertically to provide a nice visual appeal.

60% of your books should be placed vertically while the remaining 40% should be
placed horizontally. You also want to stack the horizontal books just below the vertically-
stacked ones to make it stand out even more.

Place a Rug

If you are going to use a rug, the size of it will dictate how you will place the furniture
surrounding it. If it is a relatively small rug, only the front portion of the chairs should be
placed on top of it and the sofa should be off of the rug.

However, if your rug is big enough to fit everything in, then you can safely put things
within the rug’s coverage.

When Buying a Dining Table

If you are going to buy a dining table, I suggest that you buy one that is at least 36
inches wide. That is so that there is ample space to put all of your foods on it. If you are
constrained by space, consider getting a round table instead.

Mix It Up, Color-wise

A lot of interior designers follow a 60-30-10 percentage color application. By this, I mean
that 60% of the color that you use will be a dominant one; 30% for the secondary and
the remaining 10% is for the accent color.

As a baseline, your walls should have the dominant color, your furniture the secondary,
and your pillows and floral arrangements the accent color.

Balanced (Pillow) Design

Place a huge pillow then match it with a smaller size pillow- both having two bold
patterns. Doing it this way will allow for a better visual appeal.

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Gambling 101: Roulette Strategies You Must Know

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Take breaks.

There are tons of exciting online casino games in Thailand, and roulette is one of them. Plenty of
players always get overwhelmed with excitement. However, it’s important not to play for many
hours without rest. Whether you want to play it online or at a brick and mortar casino, you must
take much-needed breaks. One of the most common gambling mistakes people make is playing
too much, and risking money endlessly. Play in short bursts in order to avoid this.

2. Use low-risk approaches.

Plenty of players are enticed by the chance of hitting one number and getting 35/1 payouts. This
is great, however, the odds of a player hitting one number are really 38/1 if you are playing
American roulette, and 37/1 if playing European roulette. Apart from the numerical
discrepancies, it’s not easy to predict the exact numbers which will appear.

Roulette Strategies you must avoid:

1. Implement the Martingale System.

Familiarize yourself with different roulette betting systems. Chances are, you will come across
the Martingle system. Basically, this theory means that you need to double the even money bet
every time you lose. Then, you must go back to the starting amount once you win. Risky right?
Remember, just because a technique works on paper doesn’t mean that it can help you succeed in
the real world. Every gambling session doesn’t have to get expensive this fast.

2. Looking for certain patterns.

The most common strategy in roulette is number tracking. Quite simply, this means recording
very result, whether you are playing online or inside a brick and mortar casino. The primary idea
is that you can begin to determine cold and hot numbers–the ones that appear least/most often.

There are several websites out there that tell you the cold and hot numbers automatically. Well,
you must know that the process of noting down every result is just a waste of time.

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Your 2019 Guide to The Best Halal Cafes in KL

1. Vendor’s Lane
Found directly alongside Petaling Stree (or otherwise called KL’s Chinatown), this pleasant spot
is made for the picture taker as a top priority. Its rural outdated stylistic layout and astonishing
characteristic lighting make it probably the best spot around the local area to snatch a went for
your internet-based life feed.

Also, their fascinating menu serving a combination of Malaysian and western taste!

2. Rimba and Rusa by Wondermilk
Rimba and Rusa’s staggering contemporary stylistic layout will make your jaw drop. It’s spotless
and light-shaded feel makes it one of the most delightful bistros around.

Foodwise, Rimba and Rusa’s menu features a fashionable person esque form of conventional
Malay nourishment exhibited carefully to each client

3. PODGY Kurau
Extraordinary compared to other espresso puts in KL, PODGY Kurau is the new home of what
used to be known as PODGY and The Banker that was situated in Sri Hartamas. What’s more,
this new area in the fashionable person part of Bangsar supplements PODGY well as well.

Appreciate a huge menu determination from pasta, plate of mixed greens and sandwiches.

Also, you should attempt their smooth espressos. Espresso darlings and KL local freelance will
adore this spot, without a doubt.

4. Wizards At Tribeca
You won’t discover the wizard or dream themed styles here. Rather, end up in a stunningly
structured eatery fit for a ruler.

Relish their delectable throughout the day feasting from huge morning meals, pizzas, pasta, and
burgers. The spot likewise flaunts a couple of grant-winning baristas so you can’t leave without
attempting a mark mug of espresso.

5. Leaf and Co Cafe
Situated in one of the more established structures in KL city, the spot flaunts an old Malaysian appeal.
From its old ‘Kopitiam’ tables and seats to its exposed dividers, you’ll feel like you have
strolled back in time when entering this spot. Bring your folks or grandparents and they will
without a doubt feel the wistfulness.

The spot may feel old and conventional; however, their divine nourishment serves a contort to
neighborhood Malaysian delights. Appreciate a healthy bowl of Malaysian spaghetti or
buttermilk milk chicken slash. Ensure you stay back for a decent mug of espresso as well.

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