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6 key questions to ask when hiring for your social media agency

Everybody supposes they’re an online networking whizz nowadays – so how would you root out the veritable specialists while contracting for your web-based life organization?

With web-based life utilize so far-reaching, many people underneath a specific age could unhesitatingly appear to be as a rule sensibly educated.

Be that as it may, in case you’re contracting a newcomer for your office, how would you root out the shams from the specialists? The vast majority can compose for web-based life, utilize an online networking administration instrument, for example, Hootsuite, or even lift a post.

In any case, understanding of building brands is a further developed necessity and can be hard to recognize in case you’re sat opposite somebody with an ability for self-advancement.

Here are 6 addresses based on social media marketing companies you ought to ask potential newcomers:

  1. Is it accurate to say that you are on Snapchat?

On the off chance that a potential competitor isn’t on Snapchat, at that point they’re no less than a few years obsolete. Not having a Snapchat account – even only for research purposes – likely means your potential select comes up short on the interest expected to flourish in online life. Also, not being a young person is never again a reason: more seasoned clients of the app are on the ascent.

Slipping this inquiry in at the ‘chatter’ phase of the meeting will most likely give you a superior shot of an honest answer. In the event that it’s a ‘no’, that is a dark stamp immediately.

  1. What results have you conveyed through social?

Many individuals love utilizing online networking by and by, yet conveying outcomes in a professional workplace is altogether different.

Inspire them to walk you through a crusade or action. Be that as it may, don’t acknowledge a diluted form of occasions; request knowledge on the choices they took, exercises they realized, what the ROI was.

Motivating them to penetrate down is the main way you can be sensibly certain they aren’t just discussing the points of interest of a fruitful crusade overseen by one of their partners. A sure interviewee with a crusade to be pleased with will know each and every detail, and will most likely relish the chance to share the experience.

  1. How would you measure accomplishment on social?

In the event that they even notice likes or fan numbers, you can in all likelihood rebate them. Contract somebody who comprehends that scope and commitment support estimation in social.

It’s very simple to propose that a crusade’s prosperity relies on new supporter numbers, retweets or Facebook shares. These measurements can offer some understanding, obviously, however, they won’t mean a lot to a CEO requesting to know the ROI of your image’s most recent huge battle. Get your possibility to give you a rundown of the social measurements that issue.

  1. What’s our current Facebook commitment rate?

Just to hit home the way that estimation matters, ensure they can figure, initially, your commitment rate. Give them extra focuses for realizing that you have to know the real achieve figure to compute the rate.

  1. Have you made and overseen publicizing efforts?

Boosting posts is for novices. An amateur could support a Facebook post in minutes, however, it wouldn’t make them a decent worker for an organization that needs to end up in a good place.

On the off chance that your competitor hasn’t made a full battle with numerous promotion forms, done the focusing on and completely tried it, it’s reasonable they’ll have a lofty expectation to absorb information. Do you have sufficient energy and assets to bring them along?

  1. What’s your favored informal community?

Their answer will give you a smart thought about their character and interests. In principle at any rate.

  • LinkedIn = they may be better for B2B and a slower pace of life.
  • Twitter = they’re most likely amiable.
  • Instagram = they might be somewhat sluggish/a foodie.
  • Facebook = maybe more customary and family arranged.
  • Snapchat = youthful and unpracticed.

This is anything but a basic inquiry as it’s far-fetched their answer will get them contracted or something else. In any case, it will assist you with building up a superior image of every competitor and will prove to be useful in case of a tie.

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Stem Cell: What Exactly Are They?

Have You Heard Of Stem Cell Therapy Or Stem Cell Injection?

It was first discovered in 1931, which is more than 30 years when scientists found the way to derive embryonic stem cells from early mouse embryos. Thanks to the further and more detail study of the early mouse embryos, a discovery of method to derive human stem cells from human embryos and grow the cells in the laboratory.

From there on, more researches and studies on stem cell as alternative medical treatment; stem cell treatment and stem cell injection. But really, just what are stem cells exactly?

Stem Cells Source Of Origin

Stem cells have two origins; the adult body tissues and embryos. The effort to produce stem cells from other cells via genetic reprogramming technique.

Adult Stem Cells

Fact: Human body produces stem cells, and can be use whenever it needs them.

These also known and called as somatic stem cells or tissue-specific stem cells. From the moment of an embryo develops itself, adult stem cells exist since then.

These cells stay nonspecific until the body requires them for specific purpose, example; skin or muscle cells.

The body renews the cells in its body constantly. As example,  the gut and bone marrow, where stem cells are divided on regular basis for maintenance and repairs.

In every types of tissue, there are presence of stem cells. Scientists have found in tissues as well as:

  • The brain
  • Bone marrow
  • Blood and blood vessels
  • Skeletal muscles
  • Skin
  • The liver

Though finding stem cells can be rather difficult. For years, they can remain non-dividing and non-specific until the body requires them for repair or other such matter.

Adult stem cells able to self-renew and divide. Meaning they are able to generate various cells type from originating organ or to regenerate or repair original organ. This is how skins, or muscles repair or renew themselves. Including other organs such the liver.

Previously, scientists concluded the cells are only able to differentiate based on the tissue they originated from. But now, scientists discovered that there are ways to suggest the cells to differentiate to other type of cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells

Another source of stem cells come from an embryo has taken the form of blastocyst or a ball of cells. The blastocyst contains stem cells which later will be implanted to the womb . These stem cells from blastocyst are 4-5 days old.

The stem cells taken by scientists from an embryo are usually extras resulting from in vitro fertilization (IVF). So when a sperm fertilize the egg, the cells combine together to form a zygote.

Right before the embryo implants itself in the uterus, this mass consists of 150-200 cells is the blastocyst and it contains two parts:

  • Outer cell mass that becomes part of the placenta
  • Inner cell mass that would later develop into human body

And within the inner cell is where the embryonic stem cells can be found. These cells are called totipotent by the scientists. The name and term is used  because the cells have the potential to develop itself into any cells within the body. Plus, with the right stimulations the cells can become blood cells, skin cell and all other types of cells in the body.

To learn even more about stem cell, check this video below.


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How to Play Baccarat

Tips on playing Baccarat

Have you ever watched those classic James Bond films with 007 winning bets in front of the iconic baccarat table? You may find huge bets and famous personalities at the baccarat table, but this card game is actually very easy to play compared to togel online.

A Crash Course in Baccarat

In US casinos, most games offered are Punta Banco. This means banker-player, and that all of the hands are under the control of the casino. Players only make wagering choices, not hitting decisions.

You can wager on 3 things:

  1. The Dealer’s Hand Winning
  2. The Player’s Hand Winning
  3. A Tie

Where the Fun Is

Baccarat tables are located in the pit, or table games area. It can be in a special room, or in a space together with other card games.

It also has a smaller variation called “mini-bac,” which is also offered on the standard blackjack table. Mini-bac offers mini-bets but the same rules generally apply.

Whatever game you choose, make sure that you know the commissions you would need to pay, should you be betting at the banker’s hand. Your dealer will monitor this amount, and once you reach a certain level, or you quit at mini-bac, then you will be asked to settle those commissions.

How to Play Baccarat

The game of baccarat is played on a big table with seats for 12 to 14 people. These seats have numbers to monitor commissions and buy-ins. However, there is no number 13, probably because of its unlucky image.

A standard deck of 52 cards is used—usually 6 or 8 of this placed and shuffled in a shoe.

There should be a cut card, 16 cards from the shoe’s end. Once drawn, it determines the shoe’s last hand. Players make wagers and a 2-card hand is given out to the banker and player spots. Remember that these hands are the only ones that will be dealt. Then, all the wagers will depend highly on the result of these 2 hands.

Specific drawing guidelines are utilized to know whether the player must get a third card. Will the banker get a third card? This will be based on the card value given to the player. The result will be determined by comparison of both their totals.

Baccarat Card Values

  • All the Other Cards, 2-9 – Count as Their Pip Value or 2-9
  • Aces Count as “1”
  • Queens, Tens, Jacks and Kings Count as “0”

Object of the Game

In baccarat, the goal is to decide which one is the winning hand, whether it belongs to the banker or player. For the banker and the player, they have the objective of getting close to a “9” total.

Player’s Hand

The hand of the player is acted upon first at all times. Once their 2 cards are turned, its total will be determined by the dealer. Afterwards, the cards of the banker will be exposed.

What if you get a total of 9 or 8? Well, this is known as a natural—an automatic win against the hand of the banker, unless it is 9 or 8.

If the player and banker’s total amounts are exactly the same, then the result will be a tie.

Banker’s Hand

  1. The banker stands on a 2-card total of 9, 8 and 7.
  2. The banker hits on a 2-card total of 0, 1, 2 and 3, unless it will hit a 3 against the player’s total of 8

The banker can hit 6, 4 and 5 card total, but all depends on the player’ total:

  1. Hit with a 6 against a Player total of 7 and 6
  2. Hit with a 5 against a Player total of 7 and 4
  3. Hit with a 4 against a Player total of 7 and 2

Baccarat is awesome because there is no need for the player to memorize any rules. It is the job of the dealer to manage the hitting. All you need to do is place your bet, and hope for a win.

The Baccarat Strategy

There is no need to memorize certain rules, but baccarat is still a gambling game with appropriate strategies. Make sure to prepare for your game and utilize effective techniques.

Take note: since the banker is the last one to act, he has an edge over the bet of the player. The bet of the banker has the lowest house edge at 1.06%. This is the reason why various high-rollers love the game.

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4 Differences Between iOS and Android App Development That You Should Know


There are already plenty of phones that support the Android operating system and a handful of iPhones that were already released through the years. If you could think about a certain functionality, more likely, there is an app for that. But, how much do we really know about the creation of an application? Well today, I aim to educate you about the differences between iOS and android application development. So sit back and relax because we are going to get started!

1. The Coding Process

One myth that has since been believed to be true is that creating iOS and Android applications require the same coding process. That myth stems from the emergence of app builders where people can create cross-platform applications using a single pre- programmed codebase. Although it may seem that way due to the aforementioned app builders, the backend coding process is actually different for every platform. For instance, if developers want to create iOS apps, they would need to learn Objective- C and Swift, Apple’s own programming language. They would then have to use the Xcode which is a development kit that includes all of the tools necessary for app creation. Android apps, on the other hand, requires the use of Java and the Android Software Development Kit. The programming languages that are needed are quite different, although it may seem that they are the same due to the features that an application has.

2. Application Rejections

Before an app is published in the different app stores, Google and Apple will have to test and look at your app in its entirety- from launching the application to looking at the actual codes being used. Google uses an automated machine to look at the application, which is the reason why there are some buggy apps that still make their way to the Google PlayStore. Conversely, Apple assigns an actual human to look an app. This is why developers feel that they are stricter than Google because statistically speaking, the company has rejected more applications than the green team. Be that as it may, it is more accurate for a human to test the app, and therefore, the iOS apps get rejected more often.


3. Audience

There are currently 3.5 million apps on the Google PlayStore and only 2.3 million on the App Store. But, interestingly enough, there are more paying customers on the Apple side rather than the Google side. Why is that, you ask?

According to the demographical surveys, there are more Apple users in developed countries such as the USA and some parts of Europe. Therefore, Apple users are more keen on readily spending their money if they find that the application is worth it. However, the same cannot be said on the Google platform. Although there are plenty of apps available, it is also precisely the reason why there aren’t many paying customers. You see, there are plenty of similar apps on the market and some of them are free, which means that people need not pay for them. Also, since Google has a much wider reach, only a small portion of the users are in developed countries while the others are, well, from developing or third-world countries.

4. Production Cost

Android applications require more time to develop because Java and Kotlin programming languages need more lines of code to implement a single feature. Apple has made huge strides when it comes to app development and they made sure that their Swift language is easy to use which translates to faster app production times. In summary, Android app production costs are more expensive than Apple’s.


There are some obvious pros and cons on either side. It is easier to code for Apple apps, but Google has more coverage. Google is more lenient when it comes to publishing your product, while Apple is stricter. Really, it is up to the clients and developers which side they will choose as both have their own advantages anddisadvantages.

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Eyelid Surgery

The Eyelid Surgery Recovery Process

Any surgery that involves the eyes is considered a painstaking procedure. One of these is Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. It only involves a small part of your face, but it involves a thorough recovery period.

Are you thinking of getting an eyelid surgery? Aside from the surgery itself, you should also know the details surrounding post-care.

Read the article below to learn more about recovering from eyelid surgery, and how you can guide yourself towards a faster healing process.

What can a patient expect after an eyelid surgery?

All patients can undergo eyelid surgery without getting confined in the hospital. But then again, every person is different. The surgeon will decide based on the current situation. He or she will also give advice about your recovery period—the best environment and preferences that can help you heal faster.

Initially, all patients experience swelling and redness around the incision areas. Consequently, the eyes may tear up excessively. Moreover, there will be an ointment for the dryness that may occur around the eye. On some cases, using the ointment can temporarily blur the patient’s vision.

Generally, temporary blurred vision is one of the most common side effects of Blepharoplasty. As the patient recovers, he or she may also encounter temporary sensitivity to light.

How long is the healing and recovery period?

Recovery from an eyelid surgery may extend to several weeks.

2 days after the surgery, the stitches will be removed.

After 1 week, patients should make sure that their eyes will receive lots of rest.

The swelling and redness, however, will fade in time.

Around 10 days after the procedure, the patients may return to work.

For some people, the recovery process may extend to an even longer time. There is the possibility of depression, especially in the early stages when their face appears bruised and swollen. After a few weeks, they will notice a good change in their appearance.

What are the good results of eyelid surgery? The eyes will look more alert and younger.

Eyelid Surgery Post-Surgery Care

After an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure, the eyelids usually feel very tight, with soreness that can be treated with analgesics.

For 1 to 2 days after the surgery, the incisions should be treated with ointment, to keep them lubricated. The patient should also put cold compresses to reduce swelling. Eye drops, on the other hand, are necessary to help keep the eyes from drying out.

Between 2 to 7 days, the doctor can already remove the stitches.

During the first week after the procedure, any activity that may dry up the eyes should be avoided. This includes wearing contacts, watching television, using a computer and reading.

They should keep their heads elevated to minimize bruising and swelling.

After the tenth day of the recovery period, patients can already resume their usual activities. Nevertheless, for the first 2 weeks following the procedure, dark sunglasses are highly recommended. The eyes should be protected from irritation caused by the wind and the sun.

The patients may also notice that their eyes easily tire for many weeks, so frequent naps are highly recommended.

Remember that throughout the first 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure, any activity that can increase blood flow to the eyes should be avoided. This includes, bending, lifting, crying and other sports activities.

It is important to always get in touch with physicians, since they will be the one to assess if the patient can already go back to their usual overall every day routine.

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