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Bringing Home Your Baby: 5 Tips For a Seamless Transition

Are you excited to bring home your newborn little one? Taking home your baby is an exciting and overwhelming experience. As soon as you finish shopping for baby jogging strollers in Malaysia, you might get overwhelmed by many things. Below are some tips that can make your kid’s transition stress free.

1.Prepare much older siblings.

Taking home your baby is a big, positive change for you as a parent. However, it can be stressful for much older siblings. Prepare your other kids by talking to them, and by going through all the possible changes that might happen once their baby brother or sister comes home. If possible, spend extra time alone with them.

2.Prepare your pets.

Just like other kids, your pets may have a hard time adjusting around your newborn at home. They may become jealous, and feel awkward about the decrease in attention they are getting. Some professionals suggest carrying a doll around with you some weeks before the delivery. This is an important tip under baby care and pet care.

3.Discuss a “visitors rule” with your partner.

Once the kid arrives, it’s likely that family and friends would want to visit the new family addition. You and your partner must agree to a visiting schedule before heading home from the hospital. Let your potential visitors know that you need some time to adjust.

4.All baby essentials should be ready.

All baby essentials must be ready before the newborn’s arrival. Here are some of the important things you should consider.

5.Gather all of your personal supplies together.

When adjusting to your new mommy routine, and recovering from childbirth, you need reliable personal supplies to make your life easier. Consider the following items:

  • Comfortable bathrobe and other clothing pieces
  • Snacks
  • Notebook for recording feedings, diapers and bowel movements
  • Baby book or album
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Donut pillow that you can sit on

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