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6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2020

WordPress is definitely one of the best content management systems out there. People
who want to start building their own websites can certainly use the platform as it
provides them with an easy interface to make everything so much simpler.
It is also partnered with BlueHost so that you can easily have your website hosted
without any problems.
One of the reasons why WordPress is loved by many is that you can customize your
website and include further functionality by using plugins.
Plugins can effectively add new features that can help improve your website- no matter
what you intend to do with it.
If you are running a business website, read further to find out the most useful plugins
that will help you run your webpage with ease.

Yoast SEO

SEO is always important for any website because it helps you rank higher when people
search for your website in Google or other search engines.
Yoast SEO is definitely a must-have for any website because it provides SEO-friendly
features for every website owner out there.
It helps you generate sitemaps, add meta tags, find broken links and fix it using its
redirect functionality, optimize your website for social media, among many other
Seriously, after establishing your website, install this plugin first and foremost!


Since you are running a business website, you also want to get feedback from your
customers which is why you need a plugin that can help you create a survey and other
similar things.
That is where WPForms come in. This WordPress plugin allows you to create many
different types of forms within minutes.
You can create surveys, login forms, payment forms, online order forms, and so much
more. Although you can use the free version without any problems, upgrading to the pro
version unlocks way more features.

Monster Insights

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to look at your website’s analytics to find out
how you can improve your success.
Although you can use Google Analytics to do just that, you might have a hard time
integrating your website to the said feature. That is why you need to install
This plugin integrates your business website seamlessly to Google Analytics so that you
can unlock its full potential. It has a nice interface and every feature that you could
possibly need is laid out really well.
You can use this plugin for free, but I highly recommend that you buy the pro version so
that you can grasp all of the things that it offers.


Page loading speed is one of the ranking factors set by Google that every website
owner must follow. Your website should load within 3 seconds, otherwise, you’re going
to run the risk of having high bounce rates.
That being said, you need to enable the caching feature of your website. But, doing that
will require you to dig to the deepest settings and not a lot of people know that.
This is where WPRocket comes in. This is a caching plugin that basically does all of the
caching requirements for you. The only downside to this amazing program is that you
have to pay for it, else, it is a true must-have.

G Suite

This is basically a plugin that allows you to use Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Email, and
other Google goodies. This is a must-have simply because a lot of people are using
such services anyway.


The last plugin for this article is certainly no slouch. Keywords are an important part of
your website’s SEO and SEMRush just makes it easy for you to track important
keyword metrics.
This means that you can do keyword research, analyze competitor data, and so much
more with the use of this all-in-one SEO plugin.

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What Can You Do in WordPress?

Looking for a top hosting websites in Malaysia? Well, WordPress is probably the biggest platform that you can use for creating a website.  

One of the reasons behind its fame is most the adaptability and endless possibilities of what you can make a difference. Another explanation is the tremendous theme and plugin selection that you get. Below are the things that you can do in WordPress. 


To make an astonishing Blogging platform was one of the real reasons that WordPress was created. In spite of the fact that it has widened the possibilities that you can end up with, it is the best blogging platform compared to the other platforms nowadays. 

Whether you wish to begin an individual blog or an expert one, WordPress has a lot of highlights and alternatives that help you en route. Contrasted with how WordPress worked at their beginning days, it is presently increasingly cleaned and complex. This incorporates the expansion of blogging topics and SEO and blogging apparatuses throughout the years that have improved the working. In the event that you need to investigate the blog topic gathering we have, we have different articles that you can experience! 

Business or Corporate 

WordPress is generally used to begin Business or corporate sites. It is probably the simplest site making platform, a great many people have picked to utilize it for an expert and special reason. Regardless of how little or enormous your company is, having an expert stage to share your thoughts and dreams wonders. With WordPress making a standard and able business site is simple. 

E-commerce Websites

Since we have referenced business and corporate locales, we should discuss eCommerce sites. These sorts of sites let you effectively purchase or sell items on the web. Consolidated with the highlights that empower a simpler exchange technique, fabricating an online store is very nearly an a drop in the bucket. 

You can get huge amounts of WordPress ECommerce layout variety and specialty based ideas just as accommodating modules that you can utilize. In this manner, WordPress is picking up ubiquity to wind up one of the top answers to make an eCommerce site. Regardless of which specialty of items and business you manage, an online shop with WordPress can get you incredible outcomes! 


While we have enrolled the top most sites made with WordPress, this isn’t the main potential outcomes. You can embrace yourself, make an astonishing stage to share your thoughts and work, advance your business, develop your supporters, join networks, start a philanthropy, make interesting and engaging sites thus considerably more!

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Tips for Boosting the Security of Your WordPress Website

What is the best web hosting in Malaysia that will provide a lot of features? There are a lot of businesses are using WordPress as their content management system (CSM) and thousands of sites are using WordPress. If that isn’t sufficient to persuade you that WordPress is the predominant player in the CMS advertise, consider that of the best among the sites on the Internet, some of them are controlled by WordPress. It is the one Content Management System (CMS) which is always targeted by hackers who are looking to seize website data and hold it for payoff or to do different kinds of security threats. 

  1. Ensure that you are utilizing the current version that includes all the most security features.
  2. Keeping all plugins current, since they are the only subject to be attacked by hackers, particularly to the newest cyber threats online.
  3. Pursue a recommendation that are proven for demoralizing cyber attacks.

The basic tips are simple and basic yet helpful and powerful to support the security of a WordPress site particularly when it’s another one. And if you need a customized environment for your WordPress site, it’s prescribed to have it with a WordPress hosting. You will be able to get the optimized performances, security and convenience for your WordPress site.

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Web Hosting versus Website developer

There are numerous things you have to consider – and indeed, to coordinate against your current range of abilities. There may be heaps of terms and prerequisites which you may not be acquainted with.

Web Hosting: Sites are comprised of different records and now and again include the utilization of a database.

Best web hosting companies in Malaysia – Every one of these records and databases should be set some place – and that is on the servers that web hosts give. Similarly as you keep records without anyone else PC, your site documents should be on servers open by means of the web to enable guests to get to.

Website Builder: To have a site for your guests to utilize, you have to make it first. Sites are basically a gathering of documents containing lines of code that tie together different things like content, pictures and such. It very well may be as straightforward as only one line of content to as perplexing as a video spilling site.

A web builder is a particular application that enables you to manufacture sites rapidly and effectively. To run the site you fabricate, you will in any case require web facilitating. Consequently, web builders incorporate web hosting in their plans.

What are the Differences?

Hosting Plans

Web hosting service providers frequently have a wide scope of plans to browse. Static or low guest volume locales can be very shabby to host, and plans can begin from as meager as a dollar or so every month. Then again of that scale, enormous corporate destinations or those which handle huge volumes of guests can pick for dedicated servers.

With web builders, your choices are progressively constrained. Albeit some will almost certainly offer endeavor scale designs, those are not for general deal and you should get in touch with them to examine explicit needs and costs.

Specialized Aspects

Web hosting service providers are offering space and optimizing their servers so that your webpage can run easily. The advancement of your site is surrendered totally over to you. This gives you extraordinary adaptability in your decision of web advancement, yet in addition expect you to comprehend what you are doing. Some may offer robotized application installers, however improvement astute, it’s everything on you.

Site Customization

Since web hosting is essentially just space and data transfer capacity, what capacities you need your website to have is up to you – in the event that you can fabricate those capacities yourself. You can construct anything from a little static webpage to one as unpredictable as a corporate website which incorporates a gathering, blog and whatever else you can consider.

For web developers, your constraints rely upon which web designer you decide on. The capacities that are offered by your stage are your breaking point and on the off chance that you need whatever they don’t have, well, you’re in a tough situation.

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Why Choosing the Right Web Host is Important?

The Importance on Selecting The Right Web Hosting

Choosing the right webhosting service provider is important because you want to make sure that your website can be accessed at all times and it is reliable in terms of stability and performance.

If you are setting up an online business, then it becomes even more important that you need to go with the right best hosting service provider. What are the things that you need to look at? First of all, they have to have a reliable service. They have to have a proven track record when it comes to speed and performance. They must also have a very good technical support staff that you are able to talk to at any time. They also have to have reliable servers that will only go down if their data centers are bombed or something dire happens.

Below are just some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to choosing the right provider.

Web Hosting?

Web hosting is just the process of mounting your website on an online server so that anyone who has access to the internet can visit your webpage.

Even though you can host your own server if you have a reliable internet connection, it would still be best that you go with a more professional solution.

A good web host has many dedicated servers, thus providing you with unlimited bandwidth, a good connection, and possibly huge storage options.

Domain Hosting?

When you get an internet service provider, you will sometimes be given a free internet webpage for you to use. Although you can put whatever you want on the website, whenever you change to another provider, that domain will be lost. Simply put, the domain that you’re given is just an extension of your ISP.

What you want to get is your very own domain. Domain hosting, then, is where you get your very own domain and it is hosted by a reliable and stable server. You pretty much have the freedom to change the name of the domain to your liking and it is going to be there until the time that you are unable to pay for the service.

Virtual Hosting?

Also known as Shared Hosting, this is where you put your website on a web server that also hosts other websites in the domain. That means that the name that you’re going to get is fairly limited and the bandwidth that you have is not up to par with a dedicated server.

Data Center?

A data center is just a building where computers are placed and are used as web servers. All of the data centers should have unlimited bandwidth capabilities and they must use a fast and reliable internet connection at all times.


This is just a metric that measures how much data is received and transferred within a communication channel.
As a customer, you want to get the highest amount of bandwidth possible at a relatively affordable price.

Not all web hosting providers have the same pricing models, which is why you need to do your due diligence to find the right web hosting provider for you.

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