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Gambling 101: Roulette Strategies You Must Know

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Take breaks.

There are tons of exciting online casino games in Thailand, and roulette is one of them. Plenty of
players always get overwhelmed with excitement. However, it’s important not to play for many
hours without rest. Whether you want to play it online or at a brick and mortar casino, you must
take much-needed breaks. One of the most common gambling mistakes people make is playing
too much, and risking money endlessly. Play in short bursts in order to avoid this.

2. Use low-risk approaches.

Plenty of players are enticed by the chance of hitting one number and getting 35/1 payouts. This
is great, however, the odds of a player hitting one number are really 38/1 if you are playing
American roulette, and 37/1 if playing European roulette. Apart from the numerical
discrepancies, it’s not easy to predict the exact numbers which will appear.

Roulette Strategies you must avoid:

1. Implement the Martingale System.

Familiarize yourself with different roulette betting systems. Chances are, you will come across
the Martingle system. Basically, this theory means that you need to double the even money bet
every time you lose. Then, you must go back to the starting amount once you win. Risky right?
Remember, just because a technique works on paper doesn’t mean that it can help you succeed in
the real world. Every gambling session doesn’t have to get expensive this fast.

2. Looking for certain patterns.

The most common strategy in roulette is number tracking. Quite simply, this means recording
very result, whether you are playing online or inside a brick and mortar casino. The primary idea
is that you can begin to determine cold and hot numbers–the ones that appear least/most often.

There are several websites out there that tell you the cold and hot numbers automatically. Well,
you must know that the process of noting down every result is just a waste of time.

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