Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 9pm
  Contact : +1-800-654-3210

Blood Bank

We have a blood bank in our center so if you are in need of blood transfusion we have it readied here in our blood bank. We have a proper room to keep the blood so that it is always in the optimum temperature and is sorted according to blood type for easy access.

Important Things to Know

Here are some important things to note;

  1. The blood in the blood bank is given to patients based on the patient’s conditions and critical situation they are in.
  2. The blood bank may have all types of blood but depending if your blood type is positive or negative, this will be subjected to availability.
  3. If during the time you arrive and want a blood transfusion but our blood bank is out of your blood type, you may have to wait for a week or more for a new batch of blood donations.
  4. Please make sure you are tested before coming to the blood bank to seek for a transfusion as details about your blood type is necessary.

Get the Care You Deserve

Our nurses station at the blood bank are knowledgeable about the blood so seek their help if you need any. There is also a doctor stationed there to ensure that you are in good hands. We strive to make sure that all patients receive only the best services at our hospital because your health is our number one priority.


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