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Medicine Research

Here we also have a medical research facility that is responsible for testing and creating new types of medicine for our patients.  They are researchers who are always aware of new advancement in medicine and provide the best service they can so that patients benefit from the research.

Important Things to Know

Here are some things to note about our medical research;

  1. The medicine that has been researched may be used on patients that have certain conditions to test out the effects; we ensure your safety is our number one priority.
  2. Medicine that have been researched may be developed to provide it to patients.
  3. Medicine that is not deemed safe during the research will not be given to patients.
  4. If patients encounter side effects from the new medicine, researchers will take note of it and further research on it and try to develop  an improved one.

Get the Care You Deserve

Most of our medicine that has been researched have had a positive effects on our patients so you can rest assure their your safety is well protected.  Hence, we strive to make sure that all patients receive only the best services at our hospital because your health is our number one priority.

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