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Steps to be a Responsible Gambler

Many people at some point in their lives play one type of casino game or another. Most gamblers can do this without any concerns, but some of them have gambling problems.

Luckily, gamblers in the best online casino in Malaysia can use techniques to help keep them safe from gambling issues. If you are playing, take a look at the following tips; they will help you learn more about how gambling can be done without putting yourself at risk for gambling problems.

  • Play for fun and pleasure, not as a way of making money.
  • Set a limit on how much time and money you will waste on gambling. (Money for basic living costs, such as food, housing, etc.) It’s crucial not to change the cap while you’re playing.
  • Don’t take your credit or bank cards with you when you’re playing. Leave at home some extra cash.
  • Don’t borrow from family, friends or others if you run out of money so you can keep playing.
  • Only take the amount of money you’re willing to spend and have a clear plan for what you’re going to do if you’re spending all that money earlier than expected.
  • Just how much you enjoy playing on the games every hour. While sometimes you win, you also lose, so knowing the average cost per hour is crucial. Use our Game Cost Calculators to measure your own cost of game.
  • Understand the gaming risks and benefitsAnd be mindful of your own gambling motives. It is up to you alone to reconcile these risks and benefits.
  • Remember that gambling can be enjoyable, but it’s not a way to solve problems.
  • Gambling overlap with other recreational activities. Gambling in your free time shouldn’t be the only thing you’re doing.

If you’re playing regularly, keeping track of the money you’re spending on the activity is a good idea. Print the One Month At-A-Glance Log Sheet, which will help you keep a realistic record of your spending on gambling. Remember to put a pre-set amount on the first line (the number you’re planning to spend on the day). You can then equate the number to the amount you actually spent at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that for some people, despite all the above responsible gambling tips, any gambling may jeopardize them. The only healthy gambling for these people may not be gambling at all.

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